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You Deserve an Escape…

Hi! My name’s LC Giroux. And I use romance to escape the everyday world and I’ll bet you do too. Let’s face it, some days- the ones you need to be in two places at once just to sit and wait for an hour and a half, or when the kids are acting like they belong to warring nations instead of the same family, or when every single electronic device decides the revolt starts today, yeah those days when wine o’clock can’t come soon enough, I pull out a book. Or I did, now I’m more likely to sit down and write the kind of story I wanted to read and couldn’t find enough of. I hope you’ll poke around and find something you like. Want to try a free story? I’ve got the first of my Lovers and Other Strangers series free on all vendors but I’ll let you in on a secret. If you sign up for my newsletter you’ll get a bonus freebie. And I send out other free stuff, along with letting you know when I’ve  put out a new book. You can sign up here.

My latest…

I’ve bundled my short stories so you can get all four of them in one gorgeous package. They are a mix of young love, jaded lovers and second chances, oh, and holidays, but trust me they can be enjoyed any time of the year. I’ll let you in on a little secret… It is $2.99 on all vendors BUT it is part of the starter library I send to new members of my reader’s group. You can get it and more here.


While I started in Contemporary Romance with my Lovers and Other Strangers series, I love too many different genres to stay in one forever. Soon you’ll see some Historical and more Romantic Suspense and even something I never thought I’d write- Paranormal Romance. There is even a possible New Adult series in the works. I’m also part of a new sub-genre if you will, we’re calling +Adult. This has heroes and heroines who are a little older, who have been around the block already and are ready for what is next in their lives. Because love is ageless. All those ideas reinvigorated my love of Contemporary Romance so I’ve got another series in the works there too. This new one is a little more champagne and diamonds than the first but the characters have just as much heart. I’ve got the stories if you’ve got the time. I want to give you as many ways to escape as you have things you want to escape from.

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About Me



Ugh, there is a reason I don’t write memoir. It isn’t that my life hasn’t been full and interesting, and in person I love to tell crazy stories about growing up on a farm in the middle of one of the most expensive towns in Connecticut to live, or how I ended up going from being a theater major to Airman First Class to cosmetics queen, and even how I met my husband and became a molecular biologist (it’s true, I have the published papers to prove it!) But you really don’t want to hear all that.


Talk to me!

The best part of doing what I do is hearing from other people (and not just the ones in my head)! If you liked a story or character I’d love to know but I’d also love to hear if there was something you didn’t like. I write quirky and maybe you think a hero who sings opera in the shower sounds like fun. I’d love to know. I can’t promise everything will end up in a book but if you contributed an idea you’ll get a mention in the thanks! If you really want to get involved, become a beta reader! You’ll get the first look at books and your opinions can help shape the stories. You don’t need to have been a grammar whiz, just like reading and answering the questions I’ll send along with the book. Beta readers are some of the most important people in a writer’s life. I really would like to get to know you, so If you have something to say, talk to me!