What do I get when I pick up an LC Giroux romance?   Diversity is a big buzz word in romance these days. If you’ve read any of my books you’ll realize that most of my characters are “corn-bread-y” in the words of my teenage daughter, in other words they’re white. This is not because I don’t think there shouldn’t be all creeds and colors represented in romance but frankly I feel like I am not the person to write about another race’s experience of the world. I have written love stories with M/M heroes (the only ‘sweet’ romance I’ve ever written because I am not a gay man and didn’t feel like I could do those sex scenes real justice, though one of my best friends is a gay man and he thought it rocked!) I have also written three books with wheelchair bound heroes. That is something you won’t find everywhere and comes directly from my work researching MS.

Beyond diversity you’ll get heroes who are good men but may need a little push to open up their all too vulnerable hearts, heroines who come out fighting for their families and the man they love, even if they have to fight him to do it.

You’ll find dogs, the kid thinks I have a problem. I am a firm believer in a dog’s judgement of a person’s character, small children’s too. You’ll find both in my books.

You’ll also find families, the kind you are born with and the kind you make. A romance may be between a small set of people but those people fit into a larger community.

Just how steamy are LC Giroux books?   Well, I’ve let my mother read them, and my teenaged daughter but I tend to be very sex positive. The guys in my book sound like, well, guys you’d meet everyday. Unless you are reading one of my regencies. And even then, the names guys called body parts haven’t changed much. People swear and use foul language because that is what people do when they are emotional. But yeah, there is a fair amount of sex, though none of it is gratuitous, and frankly I think it would hurt the story to skip over it.

Would you ever write a book about…?   I have a file on my phone of ideas for books I want to write. If I don’t add another idea to it and only write from that file alone I could publish for the rest of my life. Seriously, coming up with ideas of what to write about has never been my problem. I swore I’d never write paranormal romance but I just finished a rough draft of a shifter book that has the makings of a series and have treatments for at least two other completely different paranormal series. I even have the set up for a sci-fi erotic romance. So the answer to that question is yes, I would write about almost anything. I just need the time and concentration to do it.

I only see Amazon links, I read on a…?  Yeah, about that. When I first started self-publishing I wanted to spread my books far and wide. I’d still like to except the smaller vendors (anyone NOT Amazon) haven’t gotten their acts together and that teenager is going to bankrupt me. As soon as I can find a way to make money on the other platforms I’ll be there, until then, I’m exclusive to Amazon. If you hate the A with a white-hot passion (I understand, really) to the point that you won’t even put their free app on your smartphone. Contact me, we’ll work something out (or see below).

I’m old skool, can I get your books in paperback?  I’d love for you to buy my books in paperback! I do every single title through CreateSpace and do premium distribution so yeah, you can walk into any Barnes and Noble and order one of my books, actually most book stores will order for you.  

I’ve read all your books! What other authors would you recommend?  First, THANKS! Did you review them? Because I love readers but I adore readers who review! Let me know if you did and there may be an extra treat for you!

So you want more, if you like my contemporary stuff I strongly recommend my fellow ladies of Sugar and Sin. Stacey Joy Netzel, Nana Malone, Christine Claire Mackenzie, Liz Matis, Kristine Cayne, and Dana Delamar. All Indie, all wonderful! For Regency lovers, Courtney Milan is an autobuy for me, as is Tessa Dare and Sarah Mclean. Paranormal is easy, Carrie Ann Ryan. Her contemporary Ink series is so good too.

As a romance writer your life must be filled with hearts and flowers?  Um, I write this stuff, I only get to live it in my head. I have an academic researcher husband, a teenaged daughter, two quirky dogs, and a full time job besides writing. Life’s good but full. If one of us is staring into the other’s eyes lovingly we’re probably trying to get out of making dinner.