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Well, the end of the world was a lot quieter than I expected it to be. Actually, I didn't ever think the world was ending, I still have 25 years to go on a thirty year mortgage and Christmas presents to wrap so there was no way I was getting out of that.

Back in the real world, or may just the one I prefer, book seven of the Lover and Other Strangers series is up everywhere now.

This is Steve and Audi's story. If you read Skater's Girl you know how this one starts, hot sex in the back of a limo between a Best man and a 'Maid' of honor. Those terms were almost never farther off. This one starts out hot but burns sweet, mostly… This is an opposites attract story but sometimes things aren't quite as different as they seem.

"...And Keep Her" by L.C. Giroux on Ganxy

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Yes, really. Another one, This is a more, intimate, blog hop just among friends. Several of us BBB authors have books that have just recently launched. And hey, it isn't like you aren't going to be shopping the web. We decided we wanted our theme to be about Inspiration.

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Well, I write Steamy Contemporary romance. Okay, I'll tell you the truth my husband inspires me. A little piece of him ends up in every hero whether I want it to or not. I can say that because I know he doesn't read my blog! LOL!

As far as anything else goes, I get tons of inspiration from my readers. No, seriously! The emails I get make me laugh and bring tears to my eyes. That is something that completely surprised me when I started doing this. I never really thought I'd have fans. I thought if 10 people I didn't know bought that first book I'd be thrilled. That book has been downloaded over 80,000 times. That still makes me gasp, in a totally gobsmacked romantic heroine kind of way. So this Thanksgiving weekend, I'd like to thank you guys! 

skate cover

The new book I'm releasing is Skater's Girl. Eric Tolland is the hero and he's not your average romantic hero, he's a skateboarder. Eric you first met in Book 2, he was Evie's younger brother. Mimi Ferguson is not a skater girl in any way shape or form. But you have to give a guy credit for going after what he wants. And he wants Mimi.

Want a little taste? Come on, there's no calories in this bite.

“I was thinking...” She bit her lip and he stared at it like he was starving. Then he closed his eyes and licked his lip. Her stomach did a fluttery thing she’d never felt before. “Ah, see, you bite your lip like that, and now all I can think about doing are naughty things.”

“Good thing I’m not leaving then.” She laughed but his eyes got greener and he moved in closer. “I could do naughty things to you here.”

“I can tell how turned on you are. As wound up as you are right now, I’ll bet I could get you off 
without touching you below say, the shoulders.” She looked at him like he was crazy. Hell, he was. 

“Here? Now? I’m not taking my clothes off in public! You are insane!”

“Nope, you don’t need to take your clothes off...yet. Well, maybe slip your neckline a little to the side so I can get to that creamy skin of yours.”

She bit down on her lip again to keep from groaning but then remembered what he had said and she didn’t want to add any fuel to the fire. Wait a minute, this whole thing was absurd. It wasn’t possible, well, at least not for her. She was going to call his bluff and then he’d back off and go hit on Sharon or someone like her.

“I don’t believe you.” She sat up straighter, and then decided he should really see her. Guys didn’t act like she was some delectable little morsel, ever, once they got a good look at her. She stood up and even in her heels he was still a good four inches taller than her. Okay, but they were kitten heels. He leaned in towards her and she could feel the heat from his body. Or maybe it was her body sending out the sauna signals.

“You want to do this standing up, little Miss Mimi?”

Somehow the way he said her name made her feel delicate and cherished. Okay, she was losing it now. She didn’t even know this guy. But the part of her that always felt like the dancing elephant blushed and batted her eyes at him.

“I still don’t believe you but you can try. You can’t touch me below the shoulders and you can’t undress me...” She had a flash of inspiration! “Oh, and you can’t use your hands!” She crossed her arms to put the “so there” on the end. Except he just laughed.

“You want hardball, you get hardball, miss. Have it your way.”

He leaned forward so he was whispering in her ear. “Every time you sigh, I’m going to nibble this spot right here.” Then he swirled his tongue lightly at the spot just below and behind her ear. Which naturally made her sigh, so he grazed his teeth over it this time. Which made her whole body quake. He pulled back now.

“Still don’t think I can? Do you want to make a bet?”
Hell, at this point she could barely think.
“Sure.” She was trying to keep her eyes from crossing.
“If I succeed, then you agree to go out with me on a date of my choosing. I can promise you 
there will be hands used on that one.” She sighed and he leaned forward slowly like he was daring her to flinch and gently bit down on the sensitive spot again. Her knees almost buckled. “I said...”

She nodded her head, though she wasn’t sure what about anymore. This guy swamped her senses, from the way he touched her to the way he smelled when he was close to her to the outrageousness of what he was saying.

“You okay?” She tried to answer but it just came out as a whimper, which made him grin. “You’ll tell me if it gets to be too much?” She nodded again. As long as he kept the questions to yes or no answers, she might be fine. “Do you want me to warn you what I am going to do first...?”

She nodded again. This was ridiculous and any minute he was going to step back and say he’d made a mistake and had the wrong girl. Except he didn’t; instead, he ran the tip of his nose along the shell of her ear, ending with a chaste kiss on her earlobe. She sighed again and saw him smile out of the corner of her eye.

As he moved in, she felt a growl rise up her throat.

“Oh, growling is not something you want to start with me, miss. Growling demands something with a little more zing.” He moved around behind her.

Dammit, why had she said he couldn’t use his hands? Because right now, she wanted his arms around her like she wanted air. She felt his breath on the back of her neck before his lips made contact. Then his tongue tasted her skin for just a second. “So sweet. I’m going to need more of a taste.”

Her head dropped forward of its own accord and he pressed up against her back. She felt his nose slide along her skin, then his breath and lips again and then his teeth. Gently he sucked on the band of muscle running down the side of her neck, and then more firmly.

Oh God, he was marking her as his and the thought sent a bolt of desire to her core and made her body pulse. She felt her nipples harden to knots and suddenly her clothes all felt too tight. She wanted to tear at them to get them off her. As if he understood how she felt, he asked her to undo the top button of her shirt. She would still be covered and appropriate. She hadn’t realized she had even done it till she felt him slide her collar over and start the same slow torture—skin, breath, lips, teeth—over and over till she was ready to scream. When she was panting, he moved to the front of her. She knew she must have looked crazed but if he didn’t kiss her right now she was going to stop breathing. She could feel the first deep rumblings of an orgasm and her eyes went wide with the realization.

“Sweetness, I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Oh God, yes.” As soon as it was out of her mouth, she wished she could suck it back in. But he didn’t laugh at her. He didn’t even give her an “I told you so” smile. His smile was sweet and a little shy, just like his kiss started out and then it morphed into something else. Mimi blinked her eyes when she realized the kiss changed because she was kissing him back. Her arms were locked around his neck; her pelvis was rocking against his with the contractions inside her. Her knees did buckle then and he caught her around her waist without breaking the kiss. They just stood there, tasting each other like they each held the secret of life. Finally she came back to herself and started laughing.

“You taste like honey and lemon, and beer,” she finally managed to say to him. His eyes were kind of sleepy-looking now and she flushed when he raised an eyebrow at her. “Fine, you win.” Now he had a big grin on his face. 

So how would you like a copy of your own? leave a comment below with your email, what digital format (Kindle, epub, pdf) and I will send one to you. 

My kind of Black Friday Shopping!

Just bought a bunch of Jimmy Thomas images for covers of my books for 2013! That is my kind of shopping, seriously hot half naked men, on sale no less! No, you can't get a peek till I finish the books.

It's Black Friday! So are you hiding in your house too?


As a shopper, I avoid Black Friday at all costs. Cyber Monday is a whole other story! Maybe it was because I worked in retail for years, I even grew up in my parent's gift shop chain. After experiences like that, being on the shopping end is well, dull. As a retailer, getting yourself psyched up for Black Friday is a little like getting psyched up for the Superbowl but without the eye black (usually) I loved Black Friday as a sales person. It was frenetic and the time flew by. People were for the most part happy and the season hadn't dragged on at that point. The problem with starting the Christmas sales season before Halloween is that by this point you are already out of money and down to the hardest to shop for people on your list. So here's how I'd like to help. Leave a comment below and I will pick one lucky person to get my entire catalog of novels and short stories in the digital format of their choice. Now Mom doesn't have to sneak read her romance novels!


November is always slightly crazy around here but this one is off the charts! You too? I'm writing a 50K novel for National Novel Writing Month aka Nanowrimo. This is Steve and Audi's story, even writing it I'm loving these two! Then there is the promotional stuff. The Autumn's Harvest Blog hop is up first from the 9th to the 12th. Then the Black Friday one. Then (yes, seriously!) the Beach Book Blast Launch Party is the 25th and 26th. But let's face it all anyone really cares about is: THE FOOD!

If you have read any of my books you know I'm a foodie. As in Thanksgiving is a highlight of the year and that is true even if it is just my small family. This year we are going in a slightly different direction than the usual roast bird and sides. Gwyneth Paltrow's GooP newsletter had recipes for Turkey leg Osso Bucco style and Parmesan Polenta which got me thinking. Always dangerous! I'll use my polenta recipe but Turkey so tender it falls off the bone - to die for! Not to mention I have the best recipe for Pecan Pie (and now you can too!) I'll probably add roasted brussel sprouts. The Husband is in charge of wine and usually knocks it out of the park (Hint: Go with a red! really!) At that point, we just eat ourselves senseless and then go for a walk (or take a nap). 

oh, and I am doing a giveaway! Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you a free short story featuring a bunch of the characters from my series. Go ahead, the form is just up there to the left!


It's up!

The latest entry to the Lovers and Other Strangers Series is on most of the retailers -iTunes and a Createspace POD are coming soon.

"Skater's Girl (Lovers and Other Strangers Book Six)" by L.C. Giroux on Ganxy

Did you miss me?

I didn't disappear. Okay it looked like I did, but really it was just a simple case of my hard-drive biting the big one. If you have ever had it happen then you understand. If not, then I can only liken it to watching your house burn down after everyone is out safe. Luckily there is a world class data recovery company right in town and they were amazing -as in they will get a huge thank you in the next book. Seriously people -even if you think you just have crap on there back up to a cloud or at least an external hard-drive. I spent that first night waking up every half hour remembering yet another thing I hadn't backed up and was now potentially gone forever. 

As they used to say, In Other News, Skater's Girl is now at the editor for polishing and should be back soon. I'm still working on the cover but I expect it will be up for sale around the 3rd week of the month.

Go check out what is next! It will blow your mind!

Boss Lady

So I have spent the last few mornings on the business side of being an author. I have also been investigating online Learning Management Systems so I can take the Mechanics of E-Publishing course I teach online. You didn't think I just sat around eating bon-bons and dreaming up my next hero did you? Okay, I do some of that too but I end up spending a lot more time on the business side of things than I'd like to.

I usually use this space to talk to readers and I am now. There has been a lot of press lately giving Indie Authors a bad rep. See, I have never bought a review. I have 4 and 5 stars reviews on Amazon and the other channels and I didn't pay for any of them. I have offered readers that have liked some of my books advance copies of my latest and they have been kind enough to review them on different sites. I don't call up my Mom and get her to review my latest. First off, she is a total luddite who can barely figure out email -trust me, posting a review on Amazon is way beyond her. So no, I don't have my family post reviews. Anything you see there is an honest review from a real reader. 

I also don't artificially inflate my ranking. Authors and publishers do this by purchasing a bunch of books on a given day to boost the rank. Once it is getting some traction on it's own, they can return them and still see the bounce. I'd love to have the money to do that -I wouldn't use it like that! But still the money would be nice.

I approach my writing like a business but I was raised in my parent's gift shop (they sold Potpourri before it was cool, okay it was never cool, but you get the idea.) They had bigger operations steal ideas, got soaked by vendors dropping orders or otherwise treating them lousy, and a host of other indignities suffered by small business owners but through all of it they still did the right thing. Maybe it was because us kids were there and they didn't want to have to say to us that they had 'cheated'? Maybe it was just the way they were. It is the way I am -and I'd like the kid to still respect me when she is my age.

Oh, and the afternoons have been spent writing so the next book should be out around the middle of October depending on editing!

Today is the day! Romance the Hop!

OMG! Romancing The Hop starts today! and I'm part of it!


 Look at this grand prize.

Grand Prize

And bunches of the participating writers are going to be doing giveaways on their blogs, including yours truly! 

Now about my giveaway! I have this freaky thing with voices, no not just the ones in my head clamoring to get on the page. I have ruined suspense movies with the simple phrase "Huh, isn't that (insert name of actor here)'s voice?" It is a gift and a curse. So what does this have to do with my writing? While I am working on a story the characters take form and by the end their voices are firmly in my head. When I was working on Second Chance at Salvation I mentioned that Ransom sounded like an older Bruce Springsteen. I just finished a Christmas short story and the hero, Jacob sounds like Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. Strangely enough they have a new album coming out, their first in 10 years, with a song, This Could Be Our Song, that well, could be the hero's theme song. So here is the giveaway: Say Hi and leave your email address and I will pick a winner at the end of the hop to receive a copy of the new Matchbox 20 album and an advance copy of the Christmas story. I have been streaming the album on iTunes and love it!

You can check out all the blogsfrom the list below (yeah seriously!):

Yeah, it is a little overwhelming but think of all the freebies! I want to give a big shout out to my fellow Beach Book Blasters Stacey Joy Netzel (#161) Natalie G. Owens (#159) Dana Delamar (#60) lizzie *starr (#79) Alicia and Roy Street (#57) Kristine Cayne (#28) Frankly, there may be more but you get the idea. There are so many great writers here that I read and love. I hope you find some new favorites! 

So, So, Much Stuff! Romancing the Hop is Huge!

OMG! Romancing The Hop is coming up ASAP! and I'm part of it!


Here is the serious shock and awe! Look at this grand prize.

Grand Prize

And bunches of the participating writers are going to be doing giveaways on their blogs, including yours truly! 

You can check out all the blogsfrom the list below (yeah seriously 207!):

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